PA3EKI - CONDOR 3000 - programming -version 1.0 UK1

The SE-550 / Condor 3000 is quit simple to programm.

What you need is:
When you do not have a programming or data connector you can build your own, look at here for the (Dutch) schematic.

First you need to have a programming bracket (see picture), official this is called a Data bracket. In holland these brackets are hard to get. You also need the software (see link below) with the serial cable. For the best HAM result the version 4.01 Eprom is prefured. The SE-550 is used a lot in trunking systems with Eprom versions like 2.01, 3.04 or other depending on the use.

ATTENTION ! If you change the Eprom, it is recommended to remove the RAM for a few minutes as wel. If this is not done, sometimes you get some strange alarms from the radio telling you the data is not correctly etc. !

The Eprom software will see to it that the data is correctly loaded into the RAM. For the use of all original functions you need a codeplug Eeprom (in the front) . [De "kodierstecker"]

A lithium battery has to be provided in the radio to ensure that the data stays in the RAM when the main voltage is switched off. (is this correct english??) The mobile radio version (not the trunking version) has a lithium battery battery already inside.
ATTENTION Some PCboards have 2 connecting positions for the battery, only one is realy connected. So sometimes these two has to be soldered together ! Meassure at the RAM if the voltage is present there!

Download here The programming software to programm the radio.
Download here The total Dutch! package including the Dutch NL Eprom version.
Now with the full Dutch Help file, Thanks to PA0WBS
Download here The .BIN file for making a EPROM version 4.02 Eprom.
Download here The .BIN file for making a EPROM version 4.02 DUTCH language.
Download here Dutch Info about the settings of the 5TVO decoder(s).
Download here Dutch info about how to use CTCSS with the radio.
Download here A French .txt file for the IPP 550/SE940 software.
Download here A French .bin file for the IPP 550/SE940 Eprom.
All files are as .ZIP  

The serial cable/programming cable
At the PC-Connector Pin 1 (DCD),4 (DTR) and 6 (DSR) are connected. Pins 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8 at the PC are to be connected 1 to 1 to the V24 connector at the SE-550.
(Pin 2 to pin 2, pin 3 to pin 3 etc.)

The SE-550 radio first has to be set to the cloning-mode, If you want to programm the radio.

This can be done by connecting the 2 pins at the left bottom side, as you can see further down on this page, at the rear 8 pin connector beside the BNC antenna connector. The SE-550 will set it self to Cloning mode. (do not switch the radio on when you do this! The radio will now show

It is recommended to shut down other software during transferring data to the SE-550. This may lead to "time out error" and loss of data and error messages after programming. Some times there are no error messages but some channels ar not present.

If you try to program something in to the SE-550 wich is not possible due to the absense of hardware the radio display will show 'hardware not present' or 'defect'. When finished programming, the SE-550 radio will tell you this with "CLONED" as shown in the picture at the right.

ATTENTION ! After loading, switch off the radio by taking of the connector at the rear and wait till you see the little LED's around the display blink once. If this is not done the radio will give some strange characters in the display.

If you look at the programming/data bracket it looks nearly the same as the normal mobile bracket The programming bracket has a V24 9 pins serial connector just below the BNC antenna connector.

If you do not have a programming bracket you may build one yourself look Here for the schematic.

To read data from the SE-550 RAM you need to carefully follow the next steps. First start the program and set it to cloning mode (transfer data) with the choice [ SE-550 --> PC ]. After doing this make the connection at the rear of the radio at the 8 pin connector. If this is done properly the radio will set itself to - Source mode-. Now the data from the radio (RAM) can be loaded into the PC. This way of working is still critical, the radio not always goes to the - Source mode- directly.

At the left you see the rear of the programming/data bracket,

At the right of the BNC antenna connector the 8 pin connector where the connection has to be made to set the SE-550 into the cloning-mode (Destination/Source mode). You can use a simple jumper, as is used in PC's.

Below the BNC antenna connector the V24 serial connector.

ATTENTION !! Do not incorrectly connect the programming/data ! !

To programm the SE-550 completely you need to have a "codeplug" [kodierstecker] at the front. Some radio's need this plug to startup and to shutdown. This "codeplug" contains a Eeprom wich can be loaded with special information. There are some blank connectors (at the top left in the picture) wich can be put in the microphone socket. This is when you use the radio in a base stand.

The radio can be turned on/off bij connecting the bottum two pins qf the top connector. However, you may not be able to program some specials in to the radio.

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